5 Rib Steel Roofing


5 Rib Steel Roofing
Cover 762mm

A modern roofing profile suitable for almost flat roofing applications. The deep ribs allow wide support spacings and a minimum roof pitch of 2 degrees (1 in 27). It has excellent water carrying capabilities and is ideal for both roofing and walling.


Price per lineal metre .42BMT (excluding GST).

    Zinc $16.02 per lineal metre
    Colorbond $17.53 per lineal metre


Maximum Span between supports. 0.42 BMT (Approx)

      Roof Wall
    Internal Span 1700 2600
    End Span 1200 2100


Recommended Fixing Method.

    Roofing For Timber Battens, use 12 gauge x 65mm Hex Head screws.
    For Steel Purlins, use 12 gauge x 45mm Hex Head screws.
    Walling For Timber Battens, use 12 gauge x 25mm Hex Head screws.
    For Steel Purlins, use 10 gauge x 16mm Hex Head screws.


With all roofing products we only offer direct delivery. Melbourne metro is $126.50 incl GST, other areas on enquiry.

There are no pick-ups from any of our locations.


To Order
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    Please Note: The number above is for our West Sunshine branch, they arrange delivery to any location in the Melbourne area.
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    Note: Our free delivery offer for products purchased online does not apply to roofing!

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