We offer a range of Purlins, including 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 C and Z section. These are supplied cut to your length, punched or unpunched.

Delivery is usually 1-2 weeks

C-Section Purlin

C-Section Purlin
C-Purlins have equal flanges and may be used in single spans. There freestanding stable shape allows easy storage and handling.


Z-Section Purlin

Z-Section Purlin
Z-Purlins are manufactured with one flange broader than the other. By rotating the purlin 180 degrees, 

With all roofing products we only offer direct delivery. Melbourne metro is $126.50 incl GST, other areas on enquiry.

There are no pick-ups from any of our locations.



To Order
    Call Us On 03 9314 4244
    Please Note: The number above is for our West Sunshine branch, they arrange delivery to any location in the Melbourne area.
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    Note: Our free delivery offer for products purchased online does not apply to roofing!

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