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Why use steel?

With so many advantages over other building materials steel sales have rapidly increased in Australia, due to it's low cost, flexible and high quality solution.

Steel has a lower environmental impact than other building materials as it is 100% recyclable and more likely to be reused. When steel is recycled it helps to reduce the amount of steel going into landfill.

While being easy to build with, steel also maintains its original shape longer than other materials, such as wood and is also fire and termite proof.

In 2006 CSIRO research found that solid steel fences offer a level of protection against bushfires reducing the chance of fire spreading across the boundary of the property. Likewise steel roofing fixed from the ridge to the eaves and wall cladding made from steel helps to provide protection against a fire, by helping to prevent the entry of spark and embers.

Steel's inherit strength and durability make it an ideal building material in any environment.